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Hi! I'm Web Strategist
John Paul.

You know the pain of an underperforming website – you might even be dealing with one right now. You spent a lot of time, and maybe even a lot of money on it. So why isn’t it helping your business grow?

Been there. Solved that.

I use what I know about digital marketing,  web design, and paid advertising to help business owners like you make the most out of their online presence. With the right web strategy, it’s not only possible to get in front of the people looking for your services on the internet, but easy to target them at the right place, at the right time. Let’s talk about how we can turn clicks into customers and start generating qualified leads for your business. today. 


Ready to start getting calls from your ideal customers?

Marketing Strategy

With our help, you can understand where you stand in the competitive landscape and what the industry best practices are. We then put a plan together for you to start genererating leads for your business. 

Lead Generation

Consistent leads are crucial to the growth and sustainability of any business. We’ve spent years focused on solving this problem for local service businesses. 

Sales Support

Whether you need help hiring, training and managing your in-house sales team, or you want to outsource your sales, we’re here to help you close more business. 

Our Services

Website Design

Build Trust and Authority For Your Company

Your website is your modern day storefront and often your first impression with potential customers. It should reflect your brand, be easy to use, and  most importantly, get you more customers.  Our web designers craft every website with the pimary goal of converting browsers into buyers – and consistently generate leads on autopilot!

Search Engine Optimization

Rank on the 1st Page of Google to Capture Market Share

It’s likely that someone is searching for your product or service on Google right now. Your company or brand needs to be competitive in the search engine rankings to capture market share – or else you’ll lose those customers to your competitors.

We’ll optimize your website for search and help your business rank for the keywords that make the phone ring and bring in customers!

Google Ads & FB Ads

PPC your way to bigger sales

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is the fastest way to generate leads and sales for your business. It allows you to target “ready to buy” customers that are actively looking for your product or service. If you aren’t investing in Google Ads or other PPC platforms, you are missing out on sales – and losing market share to your competitors. 

The Local Business Mastermind Is The ONLY Program Of Its Kid That...


No fluff, no unnecessary web pages or unnecessary strategies that might look sexy on paper, with no proven track record of actually working. I'll get you up and running in weeks, not months.


Every service business needs a handful of pages, nothing more. These pages are carefully designed to bust through objections, and provide your website visitors with the info they need to feel confident in taking the next step. Together, we'll create one.


We'll distill your unique business into simple and effective frameworks to craft the messaging to engage and convert visitors into leads - and build authority and trust in the marketplace.


No more ignoring the 90% of casual visitors who aren't ready to buy today. Those "browsers" are tomorrow's clients, and I'll show you exactly how to get them there faster.

Simply Put, Our Clients Enjoy

Consistent Flow of Qualified Leads

Our clients see a substantial increase in the number of leads and deals in their pipeline, some as much as 4x more leads within the first year alone. Be ready to scale.

Increased Brand Awareness

Our clients see a substantial increase in the number of leads and deals in their pipeline, some as much as 4x more leads within the first year alone. Be ready to scale.

More Traffic and Conversions

Our clients see a substantial increase in the number of leads and deals in their pipeline, some as much as 4x more leads within the first year alone. Be ready to scale.

Start Generating Leads Today

Let's map out your path to success


If you're not seeing the Google rankings and the success you want in your business, give us a call and let's identify the problem areas on your website and digital marketing strategy.


During the call, we'll talk about your goals for your business and come up with a custom strategy that will help lead you to top rankings in the search results.


The end result? A wildly profitable client-generating asset - that you'll benefit from over and over again for the life of your business.

What Our Clients Say

John Paul has gone above and beyond my expectations. We generated over $150,000 in revenue in less than 60 days since the start of working with his agency. Excited what the future holds for our company, and couldn't be be more satisfied working with his team.
John D
Crown Chimney and Roofing LLC
Within the first 3 months of working with John Paul, we closed over $250,0000 in new roof sales. We're generating leads at a fraction of the cost I used to pay HomeAdvisor, and we're already on track to double our revenue from last year. Amazing.
Leo Z.
Available Construction LLC

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